Monday, April 11, 2016

What should a mother of the groom wear?

Mother of the bride dress is always the hottest topic to discuss when preparing and shopping for a wedding. There are many traditions link to this dress. A daughter is what a mother is.

She is the reflection of his mother. Therefore the mother of the bride is the bride’s representative and needs to look as pretty as the bride herself. Same is the case with the mother of the groom. However, discussion about her dress is less common that the bride’s mother.

On the wedding day, apart than the couple, every eye is attracted towards the couple’s mothers. No doubt the mother of the bride tries her maximum to get the best dress and accessories and look more beautiful but the mother of the groom should not be left behind.

You must understand that there is a sort of competition between you and the bride’s mother. You must try your best and put all efforts to look prettier than anyone else in the hall. This will not only make you the center of attraction but also make everyone fall for you.

Even the bride will be your fan and will love you. She will always come and ask you about fashion tips and will proudly introduce you to her community as well as love to hang out with you.

You must look different than others. Wear something unique, something that is really very different from others especially different from the mother of the bride and the bride as well.

Always inquire about the dress the mother of the bride is planning to wear. The color, design, style everything should be changed in your case.

Be stylish and trendy rather than being antique. This will let the bride feel like friends with you and also you will look younger to other people as well. There are many outfits and accessories available in the market for the mother of the groom.

You can explore some fashion magazines, catalogs and online stores as well to get something nice.

However, be creative and think out of the box. Design your own costume, match it with the ambiance of the ceremony.

Get some stylish ornaments, shoes, and go for a makeover in a good salon. Get your hair done. You can use a hat if you think you’re her are not complimenting your style. There are many other accessories too.

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